Mobile Keys: A sustainable strategy for hotels

Smart mobile keys allow guests to open the door with their smartphone, providing more secure, convenient, and sustainable access to the room than a traditional plastic key.

Mobile Keys are more sustainable

Unlike magnetic stripe cards, mobile keys are also a more sustainable alternative and a cost-effective solution in the long run. A mobile key does not wear out, break, get lost, or need to be replaced.

The introduction of mobile keys can provide an environmentally friendly program that improves the bottom line, promotes sustainable initiatives, and appeals to Millennial travellers.

Digital technologies offer a sustainable solution for room access and door opening. They eliminate the need for physical plastic items that must be replaced and thrown away when they break or stop working. Consequently, they reduce unnecessary plastic waste and lower the hotel’s environmental impact. Mobile keys are a sustainable and long-term solution for hotels.

Key cards and door fobs are not only an unnecessary production of plastic but also a nuisance. They get forgotten, are a logistical problem, cost money, and jeopardize the security of your buildings. The cost of producing plastic cards each year can be very high and takes valuable time away from your reception team when they must program and issue these cards to hotel guests.

Smart IoT keys are connected to a management platform that monitors their battery level in real-time, prompting hotels to change batteries only when needed. More traditional locks tend to get upgraded all at the same time at specific intervals (some might still be full), creating unnecessary waste.

Replacing environmentally harmful plastic keys with highly secure digital room keys offers three main sustainability benefits to the hospitality industry:

  1. Reduction of plastic waste
  2. Reduction of carbon footprint caused by shipping the keycards
  3. Elimination of wasteful replacement of full batteries


Mobile Key demonstrates a responsible hotel culture. Instead of requiring travellers to carry environmentally harmful plastic key cards (along with the cardboard folders they are issued in), hoteliers can instead give their guests the option of using a “data key”.

Mobile Keys are more cost-effectiveness

Installing IoT locks in a hotel is delivering an economic benefit by future-proofing their existing technology investment, reducing operating costs (fewer physical key cards), “greening-up” operations, and not having to dispose of the existing locks in landfills.

4SUITES offers smart cloud-based locks which come in different designs to match any hotel and immediately transform your property into a smart hotel. We also offer cloud-based lock upgrades that can be used to upgrade the hotel’s existing door locks easily and cost-effectively.

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