Keyless Entry for Hotels

Keyless Entry solutions have gained mayor popularity over the past years. There are various reasons for hotels to move towards or start exploring the opportunities of keyless entry.

Simplify hotel operations

Reduce costs on hotel staff and material

Improve the guest experience & increase loyalty

Empower hotel app usage & increase revenue

Mobile hotel room key

Up to 80% of guests will use a Web app.

Keyless Entry via Webapp

Keyless Entry via a web application is the easiest, yet most advanced keyless entry solution for hotels. No app install is needed!

The optimized guest journey via our web app:

The guest receives a confirmation email and presses the button in the email to receive his mobile keys

The guest does not need to download an app

The guest is automatically logged in

The guest sees as list of doors which have been assigned to him based on the reservation

The door will open in a few milliseconds after tapping the button in the web-app.