Keyless access redefines the role of the front office

Keyless access in hotels improves guest satisfaction as it gives guests more influence over their stay and allows the front office staff to focus on topics that improve the guest stay.

The traditional check-in experience at the front desk is considered quite a nuisance by guests and often the main factor for low guest satisfaction. Allowing guests to check in themselves at their own convenience and directly walk up to their room, frees up the front desk staff to help guests with planning their stay, questions, requests, and issues, providing them the kind of hospitality guests appreciate.

Keyless entry provides a balance between hospitality tech solutions and traditional hospitality to enhance the guest experience. Guests can use their smartphone to access their room directly and check in to their room without registering at the front desk. This solution can improve the guest experience and reduce unnecessary contact.

Reduce the workload and save time with mobile access and self-check-in.

Today’s travelers are increasingly tech-savvy, so self-check-in and digital submission of data (e.g. via smartphone) is becoming more popular. This enhances guest satisfaction and convenience. To further personalize the experience and build relationships with guests, it is recommended to interact with them prior to arrival using automated messages and questionnaires.

Mobile check-in and self-check-in can reduce workload and save time. Guests can submit relevant data in advance, which is automatically stored in the system.

Enhance your guests’ experience with an online check-in.

Registering at reception can be a lengthy and hectic process. That’s why today’s guests appreciate the convenience and freedom of self-check-in. By submitting data digitally, e.g. via a smartphone, they can enjoy a more comfortable and satisfying experience. We recommend making contactless check-in part of your pre-stay communication in order to build a personal relationship with guests and enhance their experience.

Today’s travellers are increasingly tech-savvy and expect a seamless, personalised digital guest experience. Especially when targeting millennials or Generation Z, it is incredibly important to offer a convenient mobile check-in service to keep up with their digital expectations.

Interested in offering keyless access in connection with your mobile check-in? We offer integration with the industry’s most popular property management systems.