Cloud Management Platform

The 4SUITES Manager is a powerful cloud platform that manages all 4SUITES access products in your hotel in real-time.

Web-based (no local installation)

Real-time lock information and changes

Manage keycards and mobile keys from 1 platform

PMS gate for automation

The most powerful cloud platform for real-time access and insights

Some of the features

Availlable with firmware version 3.17 and above.

Availlable with firmware version 3.17 and above.

Real-time access logs

All access logs are instantly visible in the 4SUITES Manager. You can now gain insights in who entered which door, and when.

RFID, webapp, native app and remote openings instantly visible

Intelligent search functionality

Unlimited history

Lock monitoring

Having a fully connected IoT (Internet of Things) system means you know everything about the status of your locks.

Online battery status

Remote opening of any door

Security monitoring and failure

Availlable with firmware version 3.17 and above.

Availlable with firmware version 3.17 and above.

PMS Gate

A connection with the 4SUITES manager and your PMS means ease of use and less manual labour.

Reservations are automatically imported from your PMS

Mobile keys are automatically generated and send to guests

Any change in your PMS leads to real-time changes in the 4SUITES manager

Flexible guest journey

Every hotel has a different guest journey. The 4SUITES Manager acknowledges this and can be setup accordingly.

Activate and send mobile keys on specific 'triggers'

Grant or revoke access for certain doors based on 'reservation status' in PMS

Kiosk integration and staffless hotel setup possible

The 4SUITES Manager

The 4SUITES Manager is at the core of intelligent access at your hotel and can be seamlessly integrated into your existing guest journey.

Whether you are pursuing a staffless hotel operation, a luxury 5-star guest journey, or a fully automated workflow: the 4SUITES manager can handle all situations. The API-driven platform can be easily setup to meet your specific access needs. Talk with one of our experts to discuss your situation.

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