Case Study:
Hotel Sct. Thomas

Hotel Sct. Thomas

Hotel Sct. Thomas has a rich history, having been continuously renovated since its 1999 takeover to now feature 72 rooms, meeting facilities, and a large breakfast restaurant. Despite the pandemic, 2021 saw the demolition of two apartments, giving way to further modernization, with plans to upgrade all floors and digital services such as online check-in and check-out and mobile keys. The hotel remains committed to providing guests with a cozy, homely stay in modernized surroundings.

Turgut Firat, Hotel Owner of Hotel Sct. Thomas

“Fast, simple room access, without app downloads, is essential. With cloud-based IoT locks and mobile keys, Hotel Sct. Thomas embraces the future, eliminating queues, and increasing guest satisfaction.”

The Objective

Turgut Firat, Hotel Owner of Hotel Sct. Thomas, recognized the significance of providing a swift and user-friendly room access process without requiring guests to download an app. To achieve this goal, Hotel Sct. Thomas set out to find a future-proof solution, exploring cloud-based IoT-enabled locks and mobile keys. This exploration led them to 4SUITES, who presented an ideal solution.

Through the incorporation of cloud-based technology, Hotel Sct. Thomas can now implement 24-hour check-in and automate the check-in process, with the aim of eradicating queues and enhancing overall guest satisfaction.

Enhancing Guest Experience:

Hotel Sct. Thomas aimed to improve guest experience with 4SUITES' cloud technology, eliminating app downloads and queues, while introducing 24-hour check-in for a smoother stay.

Elevating Guest Satisfaction:

Hotel Sct. Thomas aimed to enhance guest satisfaction scores by minimizing wait times at check-in. Research showed that a 5-minute wait could lead to a 50% drop in satisfaction. Embracing cloud-based IoT technology, the hotel catered to the 70% of consumers preferring self-service options.

Future-Proofing the Hotel:

Hotel Sct. Thomas aimed to future-proof operations by investing in cloud-based solutions and IoT-enabled locks. This strategy ensured competitiveness and adaptability in the evolving hospitality landscape.

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The Result

The strategic integration of 4SUITES and Mews has sparked a revolution in the guest experience at Hotel Sct. Thomas, ushering in seamless and user-friendly technological solutions.

The implementation of smart mobile keys through 4SUITES has resulted in remarkable improvements, optimizing efficiency, reducing wait times, and delivering significant convenience.

Additionally, the embrace of cloud-based technology and remote access management has empowered the hotel to streamline operations, accommodating flexible guest requests, executing administrative tasks efficiently, and providing 24-hour support.
Hotel Sct. Thomas’s unwavering commitment to innovation has distinguished them in the competitive hospitality industry.

Efficient Check-In and Room Access:

Hotel Sct. Thomas transformed check-in with 4SUITES' mobile key solution, enabling seamless room access via mobile devices for a swift, convenient experience with minimal wait times.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency:

Hotel Sct. Thomas streamlined operations with cloud-based tech, efficiently managing access for room assignments and guest requests, eliminating on-site staff involvement in late-hour issues like lost keys.

Elevated Guest Experience:

Hotel Sct. Thomas redefines guest experiences through remote access management, offering flexibility for room preferences and late check-outs, solidifying its leadership in hospitality.

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