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Nestled near Bø Sommarland, Grend’s family cabins seamlessly blend modern comfort with nature’s tranquility. Surrounded by untouched forest and hiking areas, Grend offers well-equipped cabins, ideal for families with children.

Incorporating cutting-edge technology for security, weatherproof locks with integrated IoT ensure a hassle-free experience. Guests receive a mobile key via their check-in confirmation email, allowing effortless cabin access and independent check-in, respecting the privacy families seek in a nature retreat.

Aziz Chaer, Partner - Grend

“When we established GREND, we wanted a scalable system that was based on already established SaaS systems rather than developing something ourselves. We had two simple requirements: there should be no manual handling to check the guests in, and the guests should never need to download an app to access the cabin. The unique combination and integration between Mews and 4SUITES solves all the problems for us and we are looking forward to our new projects.”

The Objective

In the idyllic remote setting of Grend, the focus was on seamlessly blending technology into the background, allowing the serene natural surroundings to take center stage while sparing guests from administrative tasks. This vision extends to Grend’s diverse guest base, which includes tourists seeking a nature getaway and students seeking extended stays.

As part of this vision, Grend was actively seeking a mobile key solution that not only ensured hassle-free access via a Web App, eliminating the need to download a separate app but also integrated seamlessly with their property management system, Mews, thus creating a harmonious and efficient guest experience for both students and tourists alike

Intuitive Check-in Experience:

Grend prioritizes a seamless and intuitive check-in process, ensuring guests feel at home in their cabins with minimal staff intervention and uninterrupted day or night access.

Secure Mobile Key Access:

Grend ensures guest safety and privacy through a seamless mobile key solution, allowing convenient and secure access to nature-inspired cabins, with off-site access management for added guest and team convenience.

Operational Efficiency and Sustainability:

Grend embraces cloud-based mobile key technology to enhance operational efficiency, reducing reliance on physical keycards, simplifying check-in/out, and promoting sustainability by minimizing on-site staff presence during guest stays.

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The Result

Grend achieved an efficient and guest-centric experience by implementing clod-based mobile keys, ensuring enhanced safety and privacy through real-time access management, promoting sustainability, and reducing on-site staff dependency.

Effortless Guest Experiences:

Grend revolutionized guest experiences with cloud-based mobile key technology, ensuring intuitive, hassle-free check-in, and access to cabins, reducing staff intervention, and providing guests with independent, day-and-night access.

Safety and Privacy:

Grend prioritized safety and privacy with mobile key solutions, offering guests secure access to cabins and real-time access management for added peace of mind.

Sustainability and Streamlined Operations:

Grend embraced sustainability by shifting from physical keycards to mobile keys, streamlining operations, reducing waste, and minimizing on-site staff presence during guest stays, promoting eco-conscious hospitality practices.

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