Cloud-Based Mobile Keys For Hotels

4SUITES offers fully cloud-connected hotel door locks, lock upgrades, mobile keys, and a cloud management platform for real-time monitoring and access control.

Our smart locks use IoT-enabled sensors to operate keyless entry devices, which can be accessed remotely via a smartphone or other internet-connected device. This provides a smooth, digital guest journey that is essential for hoteliers who want to stay relevant today.

Improve operational efficiency at front desk

Enhance guest experience and increase satisfaction

Digital keys mean no risk of key loss

Cloud-based access can be changed in real-time

Reduce labour and material costs

Increase revenue

4SUITES webapp

Web-App: 75% Adoption Rate!

Mobile Key Web App

We use a web app instead of Bluetooth technology, so guests don’t need to install a mobile app to open the door. This increases guest usage from an average of 5% to 80%. Digital keys have become very popular in recent years, and there are several reasons why hotels are moving towards or exploring the use of mobile key solutions.

This is the optimised guest journey via our web app:

The guest receives a confirmation email with his digital room keys

The guest sees a list of doors which have been assigned to him based on his reservation

The guest is automatically logged in

The door will open in a few milliseconds after tapping the button in the web-app.

The guest does not need to download an app

Mobile Key via Google Wallet

Guests staying at hotels featuring 4SUITES’ smart IoT locks can conveniently utilize their Android devices to access not only their rooms but also various hotel amenities, including the main entrance, elevators, gym, and pool area.

Guests receive a mobile key with their hotel reservation email, which they can add directly to Google Wallet. This mobile key remains active for the duration of their stay and can be easily updated via the hotel’s Property Management System (PMS). Upon checkout, the key is remotely deactivated and securely stored within Google Wallet.

Enhanced Guest Experience

Familiarity with digital wallets makes using mobile keys intuitive, reducing guest frustrations.

Offline Functionality

Digital keys stored in Google Wallet work even without an internet connection.

Improved Security

Google Wallet's mobile keys utilize Android's robust privacy and security features, stored directly on the device to ensure that location data remains private. In case of a lost smartphone, guests can use Find My Device to track or remotely deactivate the mobile key through the Manager.