PMS automations

The 4SUITES Manager can easily be connected to most PMS’ suppliers in the Hospitality market.

Setup with most PMS within a few minutes

Automated entry of booking details into 4SUITES manager

Fully automated mobile key workflow

Seamless integration with your PMS

All automated, no more manual hassle.

Easy and Fast Setup

Once your 4SUITES IoT products are online a connection with your PMS is setup within minutes.

We setup your property details (like Client ID, tokens, etc.) in the 4SUITES Manager

The rooms in the PMS are mapped with the rooms in the 4SUITES Manager

Your hotel locks are now connected with your PMS

The 2-Click Guest Flow

Your PMS is connected with the 4SUITES Manager.

Guest is checked-in in PMS

An e-mail or/and message is send to the guest with a link to his keys

The guest opens a webapp by pressing the link in the email

Guest uses the buttons in the webapp to open doors

Real-time Automation and Changes

The 4SUITES Manager will follow your PMS information real-time, in everything and always.

When a room change is made in the PMS, access to the room is also changed in the 4SUITES Manager in real-time.

When the guest is checked-out, access will be immediately revoked

When the length of the stay is changed the access to his room is changed immediately in the 4SUITES Manager

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