Case Study:
VAYA Group

About VAYA

VAYA was founded in 2008 and is the largest Austrian hotel group in the Alpine region. It is based in the greater Innsbruck area. The company’s goal is to offer distinctive accommodation in the Alpine region. The first house in Kaprun, Salzburg, was followed by many others, and today the VAYA Group operates more than 25 houses in top locations in well-known mountain sports destinations.

VAYA’s vision is to become the largest and most attractive tourism group in Austria. Innovations are used so that the employees can concentrate completely on the guests. The company philosophy of “holiday and living comfort for people who appreciate the special and are looking for the extraordinary” is lived in every house of the VAYA Group.

How do 4SUITES’s smart IoT locks work?

When a reservation is made, the guest’s relevant information (e.g., email address and reservation details) will be automatically shared through the 4SUITES Manager to deliver a mobile key to the guest’s smartphone. The guest can walk straight to their room and instantly unlock their door without having to download an app or check in at reception. Any changes to the guest’s reservation will be instantly reflected on their smart key, removing the need to re-encode a keycard.


The ongoing challenge of VAYA Group is to optimize their operations and guest experience. Their ultimate goal: reduce costs by automating more processes. But how? Read all about it in this case study.

VAYA Group places great importance on a hassle-free and relaxing stay for its guests and believes that 24-hour self-check-in and a secure keyless entry solution are important aspects of this.

When comparing all keyless access solutions for hotels, VAYA Group decided that they wanted to offer their guests smart IoT locks that are accessed via a web app, so that guests do not have to download a separate app to open their rooms. The process should be quick and easy for employees and guests to ensure high adoption rates. It should also come with an intuitive and real-time management platform to access insights.

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“We chose 4SUITES because they develop both the hardware and software for their digital IoT locks, providing a fully integrated solution for our mobile room keys and ski lockers. The solution is very intuitive for guests and employees to use, ensuring high adoption rates and it allows hotel guests to access their rooms via a web app without having to download an additional app. This innovation allows our employees to spend less time on administrative tasks and more on looking after our guests, says Alexander Zerzer, CEO of the VAYA Group.

Guests can currently use their smartphones at 10 VAYA Hotels to access their room and more are in the planning.

Benefits of installing smart IoT locks for VAYA Group:

VAYA Group can offer their guests an easy-to-use mobile key access solution in their hotels without having to ask their guests to download a separate app. The solution is easy to install in new-built hotels as well as conversions, due to 4SUITES’ IoT lock upgrade offer.

The smart IoT hotel door locks connect to the 4SUITES management platform (4SUITES Manager), which provides employees with real-time access and lock information. All data is stored in the cloud, which creates a fast and secure access solution. Its open API combined with its over-the-air (OTA) firmware updates via IoT, makes the 4SUITES solution future-proof.

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