It's all about connections

Unrivaled connectivity. Endless possibilities.

At the heart of hospitality innovation lies connectivity. Connectivity enables hotel automation, seamless guest journeys and innovational partnerships. 4Suites’ software and hardware solutions are built with this connectivity and these opportunities in mind. Connectivity without compromise.

Automation is key

PMS’ are the central dashboard of your hotel operation and guest experience. 4Suites is connected to various PMS to offer the next step towards hotel automation and efficiency. We are adding new PMS on the go and are able to connect on request.

Seamless Experience

Add powerful integrations to your guest journey in order to create a seamless and keyless flow for your guests. We are adding new integration partners on the go and are able to connect on request.

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BetterspaceWeb based guest journeyDiscover
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Fast track to innovation.

Leverage our API and SDK to add intelligent access to your (web) applications and launch within weeks. Hardware manufacturers can use our embedded solutions or reference designs for a fast route to market.

Join the 4SUITES ecosystem

We’re always interested to discover new partnerships and solutions that are able to make things easier for hotels and more fun for theirs guests.