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Case Study

The challenges of Pandox Hotels and how they solved it with 4SUITES’ cloud connected locks and mobile keys

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About Pandox

Their challenges

The solution


The Downside of Mobile Keys and How to Solve it

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The benefits of mobile keys

Hotel skepticism - human vs technology

The downside of mobile keys

Are Bluetooth or NFC our best bet?

A unique mobile key solution

The Two-Click journeys

Whitepaper - The downside of mobile keys


How to get Mobile Keys and make my Locks Smart

In this Guide to Intelligent Access:

The options to make your hotel smart

IoT vs. Bluetooth mobile keys

Price comparison

Whitepaper - Guide to intelligent access


Hotel access: the last hurdle in building your digital hotel ecosystem

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The biggest hick-up in hotel ecosystems today

How to make the hotel ecosystem work

A higher staff and guest adoption

Whitepaper -Hotel access the last hurdle in your ecosystem

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4SUITES opens the door to a smarter hotel. We offer the most advanced Access Platform tailored to hospitality. The first 100% cloud based system to help streamline your operations and optimise the guest experience. Any questions? Have a look at our FAQ's or contact us.

Do you use Bluetooth?

Nope, everything is online and in the cloud. We don’t use Bluetooth for mobile keys or RFID for keycards. We use internet for our mobile keys and NFC for keycards. There is no data-on-card principle, everything is stored and verified in our secure cloud environment.

We rely on IoT and the cloud for our intelligent access solution. For you, this means the fastest, secure, flexible and future proof access platform.

Another advantage compared to Bluetooth technology is that you don’t need to download/install an app.

Which technology do you use? RFID/Bluetooth, etc...?

All 4SUITES products use NFC and internet of things (IoT) as technology for access.

What if my phone is out of battery or not working anymore?

If a smartphone is completely out of battery or not working anymore, then guests can always use a keycard to open their door. If they don’t have a keycard yet, they can get this at the reception or kiosk. During unstaffed hours (or at completely unstaffed locations) the guest can contact the hotel via e.g. intercom, after which the a remote staffmember of the hotel can open the door(s) to the hotel and rooms via the app or management dashboard. Doors can be opened remotely by anyone who has the rights. Instantly and from anywhere in the world.

Is it only possible to unlock with a phone or can also cards be used as a key?

All 4SUITES products can be used with both keycards and smartphone.

Does it also work on elevator doors?

Yes. You can even limit access to certain floors based on access restrictions of the guest (e.g. if your room is on floor 7 you will only have access to floor 7).

With which PMS partners do you integrate?

We fully integrate with most Cloud Based PMS systems like MEWS, Protel, Cloudbeds, Stayntouch, Apeleo, Clock PMS . Not sure if your PMS is connected? Ask us!

Do guests need to install an app?

No download or login is necessary! Guests will receive an email or text message with a link to a secure webapp that they can open in the browsers on their phone. Here they can access all doors available.

What if a guest has no WiFi signal on his phone?

A guest needs to have an internet connection in order to use mobile keys. If no internet connection is possible they can still use a keycard to get in.

What is the WiFi in the hotel breaks down?

If the 4SUITES system is on the WiFi system and the WiFi breaks down you will only be able to use keycards. For guests there is no issue if they have 4G/5G internet connection (who doesn’t?) to use mobile keys. Otherwise they will also need to switch to keycards temporarily.

Can a guest book an upgrade or extra service via your webapp?

We have various webbased guest app partners that can facilitate many functionalities like booking a room or other services. This opens great opportunities to further maximise your revenue. Check out our partner page.

I already have a Bluetooth system (mobile key ready). Can you integrate your platform with that?

In case you already have Blutetooth (BLE locks) we can check if an upgrade of your locks is available. As 4SUITES does not make use of Bluetooth technology, a direct software connection is not possible.

Do you also offer a Kiosk solution?

Yes we have kiosk partners that already have the 4SUITES technology integrated. Contact us for all the possibilities!

Can I send my digital key to another guest?

Yes, you can give your digital key to other guests. Just like a keycard.

Can a guest open a room from anywhere remotely?

As a hotel you can choose if you like to restrain access from outside the hotel. A guest has to be in a certain distance of the location to be able to open doors. You can also choose to let guests have the remote option.

Do you provide installation services?

Yes, we can offer the complete project from A-Z. 4SUITES works with certified installation partners in many regions.