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Case Study

The challenges of Pandox Hotels and how they solved it with 4SUITES’ cloud connected locks and mobile keys

Inside this Case Study:

About Pandox

Their challenges

The solution

Case Study

How MK Hotels completely digitalised the guest journey and already has a 65% guest usage of the webapp

Inside this Case Study:

The Challenge

The Solution

The Result

Whitepaper - The downside of mobile keys


The Downside of Mobile Keys and How to Solve it

Inside this E-book:

The benefits of mobile keys

Hotel skepticism - human vs technology

The downside of mobile keys

Are Bluetooth or NFC our best bet?

A unique mobile key solution

The Two-Click journeys


How to get Mobile Keys and make my Locks Smart

In this Guide to Intelligent Access:

The options to make your hotel smart

IoT vs. Bluetooth mobile keys

Price comparison

Whitepaper - Guide to intelligent access
Whitepaper -Hotel access the last hurdle in your ecosystem


Hotel access: the last hurdle in building your digital hotel ecosystem

In this Whitepaper:

The biggest hick-up in hotel ecosystems today

How to make the hotel ecosystem work

A higher staff and guest adoption

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