What is cloud-based access control?

Cloud-based access control enables administrators to manage doors and gates remotely from a device connected to the Internet. The system allows administrators to control who can (and cannot) open doors within a building. Property administrators can use an online portal to manage access rights.

Seamless, contactless access

Cloud-based access control systems provide integrations with the software your hotel already uses, such as your PMS of choice and guest applications.

How do cloud-based access control systems work?

In contrast to an on-site server, cloud-based access control systems store data in the cloud. Therefore, you can access your system’s data and adjust user permissions from any internet-connected device.

The access control company can perform routine software updates remotely, via over-the-air firmware updates.

How secure are cloud-based solutions?

A cloud-based access management solution is an important part of ensuring hotel and guest safety. Hoteliers can maximize the security benefits of the cloud and can manage security access operations from offsite devices, thus responding to security threats more quickly.

Mobile keys are the safest form of guestroom entry in hotels today. Guests often keep their plastic keycards within easy reach and misplace them but keep a closer eye on their smartphone. Most mobile phones are protected by a personal password, which provides additional security to the mobile key.

Using mobile key technology, hotels assign a key directly to guests and their friends and family members. This enables a property to better manage who has access to its building – something that can’t be done when you hand out room keys.

Another layer of security with a mobile key is that guests must enter their phone’s password or use Touch or Face ID to access their key, meaning someone else cannot easily use it to gain entry.

If someone misplaces their phone, and therefore their key, they can find it relatively easily using existing technology. A lost smartphone cane found through the “Find My Phone” app or a similar app but no such technology exists to find a lost key or key card.