Security is our highest priority

At 4SUITES we take security seriously. That’s why we have engineered our systems with a security by design approach, making security considerations the core of our engineering process.

Cloud Platform Protection

Each single part of the system has it’s own protection layer, making it impossible to damage or create malfunction of the services. Every data flow channel between the parts is carefully secured with contemporary industrial-grade security measures and encryption.

Continuous over-the-air security updates on all of the IoT locks and upgrades. Just like Tesla does this on their cars to guarantee its enterprise level security and keep the system secure.

Multiple layers of security where all (guest) data is stored in its deepest level and only accessible by authorized users. All user logins, API, PMS or other 3rd party connections are encrypted.

The platform is running on Microsoft Azure. This platform is also running enterprise services for BMW, Boeing and Heathrow Airport. It has over 90 compliance certifications, including those of governments of the world’s largest economies and for accounting, banking, credit card transactions and healthcare. 

4SUITES security

Cloud Lock Protection

The 4SUITES IoT locks and upgrades are securely connected in real-time to the Cloud platform.  

All radio messages between the IoT lock and the IoT Gateway are AES encrypted. AES is a symmetric block cipher chosen by the U.S. government to protect classified information.

There is 24/7 live monitoring on all IoT locks detecting potential suspicious behaviour.

Each IoT lock has it’s own unique encryption key. 100 doors in your hotel means 100 unique encryption keys.

Each command that is send from the IoT Gateway to the IoT lock can only be used once. So even after if you would be able to repeat the signal, it would’t make any difference trying to open the lock.

The IoT locks are zero sensitive to being overpowered. Good luck with your magnet.

Future proof

4SUITES has the latest access control features and security protocols in place, but nowadays this simply is not enough. Our IoT-powered hardware and ability for over-the-air updates will make sure our clients always are up to date with the latest solutions and requirements. In a few years time the locks you buy today will have complete new capabilities.

Web based access security 

Guests using the web based digital keys is one of the safest methods in the industry. No more local storage or a data on card / data on phone system but real-time communication and information. In the unlikely event that your complete internet goes offline there is nothing to worry about.

All communication between the guest device and the Cloud platform is secured via HTTPS protocol. This protocol is a high proven industrial standard and used for example by the mobile banking industry.

All communication between the Cloud and the locks is protected with multi-layer industrial grade encryption protocols

Internet fallback & failover

Although internet being very reliable in most hotels these days there is always a chance that internet fails for whatever reason. Important to know that there is a backup for everything.

All 4SUITES locks and upgrades have an offline cache functionality for keycards. The keycard is stored in the local cache of the Lock and is automatically used if the Lock cannot find any connection with the Cloud platform.

In case you want to create a new keycard in case there is no internet you can simply use the offline mode on the keycard encoder to create new keycards.

Each IoT Gateway can have a 4G failover in case your local internet goes down. So the mobile keys keep working always.