Unlock the future of mobile access.

Connecting people, devices and data

What we do

4Suites is a tech company that specialises in smart access technology. By leveraging the power of the Internet of things, cloud platforms and APIs, the company is revolutionising the way we manage and get access to certain devices and objects.

From hospitality, residential and office spaces to retail, storage and mobility solutions. Smart access empowers companies across various industries to simplify their operations, reduce costs and optimise experiences.

What we believe

We believe that an access control system should operate entirely from the cloud. No more on-premise software needed and also the hardware (locks) should be completely online.

As technology changes rapidly we’ve build our system entirely on the cloud. This means we can update our hardware and software. Anytime and over-the-air. And guests can use web apps to open doors. 

How we work as a team

Together with our partners we create the most innovative products that are available on the access market today. We know the trends and where the market is going.

We share an audacious dream of becoming the largest Cloud IoT access platform in the world for hospitality.

Our team core values are: fuel talent, be a visionair, be bold, be resourceful, be decisive and get the job done. 

Why Choose 4Suites

We work with the best people. All our work is designed and developed in-house ensuring the highest quality and security that is possible.

Almost all of our products are produced in The Netherlands or Germany ensuring the highest possible quality and reliability.

We connect hotels and their access solutions to the future.

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