Connect your hotel locks to the cloud

4Suites offers cloud locks via its partner network or upgrades your current locks. Offer your guests the future of (mobile) access control.

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Cloud-based & IoT-powered mobile access control

Every second, somewhere in the world, a door is opened through the 4Suites access platform. 4Suites serves the largest hotels, hostels and smart buildings worldwide.

The CloudCloud platforms turn your capital expenses into operational costs and allows for increased scalability, flexibility and the ability to obtain real-time control and insights without compromise.Discover
The Internet of ThingsIoT is the future and has the greatest potential to society since the Industrial Revolution. It will eventually guide us to a world where all kinds of devices are interconnected, smart, communicating, and improving our quality of life.Discover
APIAPIs provide the ability to glue and integrate services. Our platform is fully built on REST API which has become the actual protocol for the web. It’s understood by almost every web server and endpoint out there on the internet.Show products

Unrivaled connectivity

All built on an API to create a connected world of systems and devices without compromise.

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100% cloud based access

Real-time access management and entry.

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