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MK Hotels

About MK Hotels

MK Hotels is a young hotel group from Germany with a very modern service approach, carried by a passionate crew.

Currently MK Hotels has 9 hotels in its portfolio throughout Germany (and 1 in London and Tirana) with more to follow.

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MK Hotels opened its first hotel in Munich in 2009. Back then, their initial intention was to provide high-quality accommodation for employees as part of the family business Lindner, which is an internationally active construction company.

The concept of the MK Hotels turned out to be a success. In the following years, they opened branches in other cities like Berlin, London and Tirana. All hotels are run by wonderful, young professionals who are passionate people, love their home and offer honest and straightforward service.

Arno Sonderfeld, Head of MK Hotels

We don’t believe in guests downloading an app for every hotel. No one does that these days.  The faster and simpler the process, the greater the adaption on the guest side – that’s the only way it will work.

The Challenge

The challenge of MK Hotels was to optimise their operations and guest experience. They didn’t specifically want to reduce costs of staff but rather wanted them to focus more on an even better guest experience.
Their ultimate goal according to Arno Sonderfeld, Managing Director of MK Hotels:

We wanted to enable a 24h check-in and we also believe that our front office is there to provide service to the guest or to offer personal support – but not for administrative tasks like manual check-in and check-out. Digital solutions can take care of that.

How they did it? Read all about it in this case study.

MK Hotels believes that digitalisation of the check-in process and door opening will increase demand in the future, or rather that it will be normal for hotel guests to be able to control their stay in the hotel with their own smartphone.

Webapp for a 360-degree experience 
Looking at all solutions on the market, MK Hotels came to realise they wanted one webapp for the guest so he can control everything via the smartphone. Similar to various airlines – where guests/travellers receive the boarding pass on their smartphone which guides them through the whole process.

No need to download an app
MK Hotels didn’t just want to offer everything in one webapp  to offer a 360-degree experience, but also because they don’t believe in guests downloading an app. The process should be fast and simple, so as many guests as possible will use the (web)app.

When guests need to install an app, the adoption rate will only be an average of 5%. This means 95%(!) of guests won’t install the app and therefore will still use keycards to open their door. That’s not in line with the vision of MK Hotels. High guest usage (=adoption) is key.

Improving guest experience
Their other wish was to enable a 24 hour checkin, as they believe the front office should be there to provide service to the guest or to offer personal support – not to have repetitive tasks like manual check-in & check-out and creating keycards for example.

MK Hotels keyless entry
MK Hotels
MK Hotels

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The Solution

To create the ideal digital guest journey MK Hotels wanted to integrate everything into one app. However, they definitely didn’t want to make guests download and install an app. Therefore they decided to focus on webapp technology, which offers all the desired features without that mandatory app install.

After doing their research MK Hotels chose for the seamlessly-functioning interface and integration between three leading solutions in the market. Protel as their Property Management System (PMS), CODE2ORDER for check-in & check-out, an automated mailing and a digitized guest folder and 4SUITES for cloud access and mobile keys. They make it possible to automate processes, which in turn gives MK Hotels more freedom and flexibility.

Arno Sonderfeld: “In general, the use of digital solutions makes our work at the reception desk much easier.

With CODE2ORDER we offer our guests a service similar to that of an online store. Through the integration with Adyen as a payment provider, guests can complete the entire check-in process with payment before arrival. Guests can then arrive in their own time, completely relaxed. They don’t have to worry about whether someone is on site at the hotel to take care of everything, but can take care of everything themselves.

4SUITES is a fairly young company in the market, and they are trying very hard and giving their all to ultimately satisfy the customer.”

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Arno Sonderfeld, Head of MK Hotels

We now already have an opening rate of 65% via the digital keys of 4SUITES. This means that only a small proportion of our guests actually needs a key card.

The Result

“It’s a great to see that the solutions protel, CODE2ORDER and 4SUITES are integrated perfectly so processes can be streamlined smoothly.”, according to Arno Sonderfeld.

After installing our smart IoT hotel lock MK Hotels in Passau now has full cloud connected locks which can be opened via the webapp. All based on the Internet of Things (IoT).

MK Hotels now already has as an opening rate of 65% via the digital keys of 4SUITES. This means that only a small proportion of their guests actually need a key card. And they just got started!

If MK Hotels would have chosen for Bluetooth mobile keys, they would see a guest usage of around 5%, because of the app install which is needed then. They also wouldn’t be able to integrate the keys into one webapp experience AND they would not have realtime access & insights to their lock openings.

By choosing 4SUITES, MK Hotels is able to benefit from:

Cloud based mobile keys (no app install needed)

Cloud connected locks, lock upgrades and readers

Cloud based keycards (no data on card)

Realtime access management and insights

Seamless integration with Protel PMS and CODE2ORDER

Mk Hotel Passau front desk
MK Hotels Passau terrace

All information in this case study has been made possible in close collaboration with our partner CODE2ORDER.

Arno Sonderfeld

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