Smart Access Control and PMS Integration for Hotels

At the core of the hospitality industry lies a seamless guest journey, which usually starts with check-in and access to the hotel room. Therefore, we associate the term hospitality with convenient check-in at reception and smooth and safe access to the guest areas. The integration of electronic locks and digital keys with a hotel’s PMS simplifies access management and speeds up the check-in process. Hotels have used key cards for decades. Let’s look at how integrating your room access solution with your PMS makes life easier at the front desk.

Many hotels still use keycards to assign their guests access rights to their rooms. Keycard integration enables the seamless update of reservation information (room number, length of stay, etc.) directly through the PMS. This means that reception staff no longer need to manually enter this information into the keycard system, but simply swipe the card to encode it. However, this still requires the guest to check in at reception, collect a key and get the key updated during the stay if necessary.

How does Smart Access Control and PMS Integration work?

If your accommodation uses a keyless entry solution (mobile keys), integration with the PMS automates the handover of keys to the guest at check-in. In this case, the PMS automatically sends reservation data to your keyless access solution, which then generates a mobile key for the guest, automatically activates the key at check-in, and deactivates it at check-out. All data is stored in the cloud instead of on the card. This creates a fast, secure, flexible, and future-proof access solution. When guests want to extend their stay, they can do so without having to re-encode their key card because the system instantly knows the guest’s access rights.


How does the 4SUITES integration with a PMS of your choice work?

  • This is how it works for a guest when your PMS is connected to 4SUITES:
    • After a guest is checked in, they immediately receive an email with a link to their digital key
    • After clicking on the link, the guest will see the doors they have access to and can choose which door they would like to open. No app install is needed!
    • The link can be shared with travel companions, so they can also open the door via their smartphone.
  • This is how the integration with your PMS works from a hotel point of view:
    • After a room change in the PMS, access to the room is also changed within seconds in 4SUITES.
    • If the e-mail address in the PMS changes, the guest will immediately receive an email with a new link.
    • After the guest checks out, their access is immediately revoked.
    • Access to the room is changed within seconds after the length of the stay has been changed.

Property Management Systems are the central dashboard of your hotel operation and guest experience. 4SUITES connects to various PMS’ to offer the next step towards hotel automation and efficiency. We are adding new PMS’ on the go and are able to connect on request. These are some of the PMS suppliers with whom we have a seamless integration.

Smart Access solutions offered by 4SUITES

4SUITES offers three products for smart access. Our Modern edition is ideal for new builds and properties being thoroughly refurbished (e.g. getting new doors). Its compact, sleek design, and cutting-edge access technology make it the perfect choice for contemporary properties. Our Classic edition is perfect if you’re upgrading your current locking system while keeping guest room doors. It allows you to retrofit IoT locks that offer the latest in access technology without downtime in guest room availability. We also offer IoT readers that are ideal for main entrances and lift access throughout the hotel.