4SUITES announces tech partnership with Criton

4SUITES announces tech partnership with Criton

Introducing mobile keys in web apps, an industry-first solution

LONDON, (November 6, 2018) – 4SUITES, the fast-growing cloud/IoT Access Platform for hospitality, has signed a partnership agreement with Criton, the UK’s first intuitive app builder for the hospitality sector. The partnership allows hotels to profit from the newest in hospitality technology by integrating mobile keys in white-labelled progressive web apps (PWA), and by including advanced guest service features.

The partnership enables hotels to streamline operations and enhance the guest experience even further by integrating 4SUITES’ unique mobile key solution within the hotels’ branded web app. 4SUITES’ partnership with Criton allows the Dutch company to respond to the many requests from the hospitality industry and lock suppliers for mobile keys without the need to download yet another app.

4SUITES offers a 100% cloud / IoT based access solution and therefore can be easily integrated into web applications. It is not dependent on the (im)possibilities of offline solutions like Bluetooth or NFC. This makes it possible to use the 4SUITES’ access solution via progressive web apps, no longer forcing guests to download yet another app and therefore increasing mobile key usage amongst guests.

Criton lets accommodation providers digitize their guest information and wrap all guest facing technology into one portal for guests to download on their own phone. The partnership enables Criton’s current and future clients not only to engage with their guests and upsell their services with their own branded app, but also to give guests the opportunity to use the hotels app to skip check-in and open the door of room.

With integrating their mobile key with Criton’s progressive web apps, 4SUITES further enriches their cloud-based access platform to be able to rapidly provide the world with an even more user-friendly and innovative mobile access solution.

Jonathan Springford, Commercial Director of 4SUITES, said:

We are happy to partner with Criton and introduce an industry-first solution: mobile keys in web apps. This fits well with our mission to make hotel innovation accessible to all and easy to use. We are very much looking forward to this partnership and believe this will put a smile on many hoteliers’ and guests’ faces.

Julie Grieve, Founder & CEO of Criton, said:

“Our founding purpose is to give independent hotels and small groups access to the technology, tools and capabilities that are usually only reserved for the big chains, allowing our customers to offer their guests an enhanced experience using the device they take everywhere, their mobile phone. We’re delighted to be working with 4SUITES and offer this technology to our clients as Criton continues to grow its range of integration partners.”


Founded in 2016, 4SUITES is a Dutch tech scale-up that specializes in cloud based mobile access technology. Their team of 15 professionals designs and produces intelligent embedded hardware that is connected to their cloud platform. 4SUITES is rolling out their solutions globally, installing hotels and cruise ships worldwide, as well as smart offices and real estate concepts.

About Criton

Founded in 2016, Criton was developed by Information Apps for the hospitality and tourism sector.  With offices in Edinburgh and London, the company now employs 31 full-time staff.  Criton recently launched a ‘multiple property functionality’ to enable accommodation providers with properties in different locations to create one single guest-portal for their entire portfolio of properties.

For more information, please contact:

Jonathan Springford
Commercial Director of 4SUITES
E: jspringford@4SUITES.nl
T: (+31) 85 13 03 822

Flora Haslam, Gemma White
Finn Partners, on behalf of Criton
E: criton@finnpartners.com
T: 020 7017 8421