Contactless and digital experience

Everybody talks – Four take the lead!

apaleo, Betterspace and 4SUITES turn the stay, together with SV Hotel, into a contactless and digital experience.

apaleo, the open software platform for the hospitality industry, the hotel digitizers of Betterspace and 4SUITES, the intelligent access specialists for hotels, join forces to create a digital and holistic 360° guest journey for Stay KooooK.

“Stay KooooK. Stay You.” is the new hotel concept developed by SV Hotel. It is made for guests who are looking for accommodation for a longer stay as well as for a short trip. Digitization plays a very important role here. Stay KooooK focuses on the needs of their guest. By using digital helpers, the host has more time for what really counts, the individual and personal guest care. 

Therefore the goal of the tech specialists’ collaboration was to create a truly seamless guest journey for SV Hotel. The result is a web-app, which helps guests to easily handle everything from check-in and door opening to ordering additional service in the hotel. This is intended to make good on the promise: “Stay KooooK lets you be you – even when travelling”.

The unique cooperation of apaleo, Betterspace and 4SUITES, has created a completely new and digital guest journey. “Never before has it been so easy for hotels to offer their guests a completely contactless guest experience, which is extremely important for today’s travellers. 4SUITES’ wireless and cloud connected door locks are opened with mobile keys via Betterspace’ web-based app and both systems are always connected to the apaleo platform,” explains Tamara Markotic, Head of Strategic Partnerships apaleo.

Betterspace developed a web app for Stay KooooK. It integrates the cloud-based locking system of 4SUITES as well as the cloud-based PMS of apaleo. “The project shows again how important interfaces for digitisation in hotels are. If software providers, as we are, really want to support hotels in becoming more efficient, relieving staff and reducing costs while increasing turnover, it is only possible through seamless communication. Without the interfaces and openness of the systems, this project would not have been possible,” says Benjamin Köhler, CSO Betterspace.

“In the hospitality industry, we have talked a lot about interconnectivity between systems, greater operational efficiency, the digital guest journey, seamless technical experience and the right balance between personal care and technical support, in recent years. This project finally puts all these discussions and theories into practice. This is how hotel technology should be for both hotels and guests,” says Lennart de Haan, CEO & Co-Founder 4SUITES.

Starting at the beginning of September, the new app can be tested at Stay KooooK Bern Wankdorf. Afterwards the web app will be available for all Stay KooooK hotels. The cooperation may ultimately be beneficial for many hoteliers. “Between three teams of innovators, we have created a brand new solution. Everyone will benefit when we, as hotel software providers, bundle our competencies”, says Markotic.

The cooperation between all participants was uncomplicated and based on a lot of trust. “You would think that working with so many partners is a huge project that stretches like an endless 10 course meal. For us it was truly a picnic at eye level,” explains de Haan.

“With this project, we have shown what seamless integration, perfect cooperation and the will to change something can do, namely make hoteliers’ work easier and offer guests maximum service. We are very excited about the project. And perhaps we will soon be able to show the success of the project in precise figures,” Köhler adds, giving an exciting outlook.


Intelligent Access has become a crucial element of hotel innovation, but today this space is still largely dominated by traditional hardware companies. 4SUITES has jumped in to offer the first 100% cloud-based system of connected hardware and software. The platform is powered by the Internet of Things and tailored specifically towards modern hotels to empower innovation.

About apaleo
Powering the freedom to create, apaleo is the open software platform for the hospitality industry that enables every accommodation to build an ideal technology stack with property management and integrated payments as well as free integrations with 3rd party apps and in-house solutions. Based on apaleo’s infrastructure, anyone can develop the dream guest and staff experience.

About Betterspace
With the 360° Hotel Cloud, Betterspace offers smart, intelligent and above all digital solutions that revolutionise the daily work of hoteliers and inspire guests. In addition to more satisfied guests, hotels benefit from rising revenues, lower operating costs and automated processes. At the same time, Betterspace supports hoteliers in promoting sustainability in hotels and protecting the environment. Betterspace’s portfolio ranges from smart guest communication solutions to intelligent energy management and solutions for hotel infrastructure. Further information can be found at: