Connect your device to the most advanced platform for access control.

Discover unlimited connectivity, flexibility and security

Cloud Mobile Key

100% Cloud/IoT based mobile access

Multi-Access Technology

Cloud based RFID & NFC, BLE

Access software

Real time access management & insights. Web-based

Mobile Apps

Flexible app options: Native iOS, Android, Web-applications, White label apps


Open restAPI to custom connect & integrate


Software development kit for mobile app integration


Own infrastructure, over-the-air updates and real-time logs

PMS gate

Direct connection to multiple PMS. Custom integration through API

Guest Suite

Guest service features to enhance the customer journey

The platform

This is how it works

4Suites can connect any access solution to the cloud, e.g. electronic locks, doors, elevators, lockers, gates and more

Build your future proof access solution


Cloud/IoT access

Locks are online

Over-air automatic updates

Remote & realtime user access control

Ultra low power consumption

Easy integrations

Instant mobile access (250ms Latency)

IoT insights (Battery life, history logs)

Current systems

Offline access (BLE/NFC)

Locks are offline

OnPremise manual update

No option for remote access

High power consumption

Difficult & costly integrations

Wait until lock opens - Delayed mobile access

No IoT insights

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