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The no. 1 check-in/out platform

Hotelbird provides the core technology for a seamless digital guest journey and empower hosts to increase their operational success.

Hotelbird GmbH was founded in April 2015. The tech company provides a technology platform for the hotel industry with the objective of supporting hoteliers in generating satisfied customers and reducing procedural costs.

Hotelbird digitalizes the entire communication process between reception and guests. Check-in, digital keys, payment and check-out are carried out in a fully automated way. The software accompanies the hotel guests throughout the whole journey and ties them closer to the hotel.

Seamless integration between 4SUITES and Hotelbird
Hotels which strive to have the perfect tech stack to streamline their operations and optimise the guest experience can benefit from the seamless integration between 4SUITES and Hotelbird.

Hotels will be able to offer their guests a fast and easy way of checking in/out and having access to hotel doors. All via their smartphone. Without downloading and installing an app.

By using these 2 leading technologies on the hotel market, hotels will have the most advanced technology set-up in today’s market.

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