Your Benefits

Our solutions offer a lot of benefits for hoteliers. Here's a comprehensive list for you to see what these benefits exactly are. With 4SUITES you will:

Benefits of Mobile Keys for Hotels
Streamline Operations in hotels

Streamline Operations

Using Intelligent Access will further streamline your hotel operations. We open the door to a smarter hotel.

Higher webapp usage by the guest vs native app

Realtime access management and insights

No more keycard operations

Cut Costs

Because of a higher adoption rate of your mobile keys via webapp you can really start servicing the guest.

Reduce staff and labour costs

Cut costs on expensive keycards

No need for an expensive kiosk or check-in terminal

Upgrade your current locks instead of a complete new and very expensive installation

Reduce costs for hotels

Optimise the Guest Experience

Get happier guests by offering them a seamless and faster journey.

No more standing in line at your reception or kiosk

24/7 access by the guest using his mobile key via webapp

Direct upgrades and upsells for the guest via phone

Increase digital service because of a higher adoption rate via webapp (no app install needed)

Improve hygiene

Go completely contactless and avoid unnecessary physical contact for guest and staff.

No more reusing keycards or traditional keys

Less physical contact with staff at the reception

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