The first
Online Cloud
Web based
Online Dashboard

With the intuitive 4Suites dashboard the world becomes your front desk. The web based dashboard shows information on users, access rights and information about the online locks like battery status and access logs. This is where everything can simply be set up and managed. Mobile keys can be sent to users and staff instantly. A connection to a PMS or reservation system is possible.

Seamless experience
Guest Apps

A guest will receive an email or text message providing them with the mobile key. The 4Suites app can then be used by the guests to access their room with their phone and not needing a key or key card. The basic 4Suites app consists of features as information about the location and room, reservations, key sharing, settings, profile and widgets. The app is available for both iOS and Android.



White label apps, connections and special guest journey features can all be developed and integrated.  With the open API, the intelligent 4Suites Cloud Platform for mobile access can be used. This way you can easily integrate our solution in your own applications.