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4Suites opens doors

Reshaping the guest journey



Ideal place
The Torenhove is an ideal place in Delft to work and live. It is one of Delft’s iconic places and owned by Van der Vorm Vastgoed Groep based in Rotterdam. The rooms are transformed into workspaces or living spaces and together they form the ‘Home of Talent’ project. Starting entrepeneurs, creatives and everyone who is looking for High End housing is at the right place at Torenhove. For example, Torenhove houses the world-famous company ‘The Ocean Cleanup’.

High End
Living in the Torenhove comes with a lot of luxury. For example, you can rent e-bikes where you can easily ride your bike through central Delft. A service manager is ready for all of your question and the entrance is transformed into a nice and cozy lobby. Inside, they wanted to give their residents the newest form of access. No boring keys or keycards, but mobile access with your own smartphone. And 4Suites is the solution.

Sliding doors
The 4Suites access system fits perfectly with the concept of Torenhove: innovative, comfortable, service-based and focused on the thing of most importance: the experience. On a daily base, over 900 users use the 4Suites system to get inside the building. On average, every 3 seconds a door gets opened. 4Suites is connected with 2 sliding doors, the entrance and the bike storage. A beautiful technical challenge for us and easily accomplishable with the sBox from 4Suites. All users can now enjoy their mobile access using their smartphones. 4Suites also integrated a keycard system for access with cards.

We are proud to provide Torenhove with our intelligent mobile access system. Besides that, we are rejoiced to provide buildings with the newest intelligent functionalities like a bike storage, communication and other functionalities. This makes 4Suites not only a way to grant access to buildings and rooms, but a medium to manage the whole residence.

For more information about the Torenhove, click here.