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4Suites opens doors

Reshaping the guest journey


Holiday Resort

Holiday resort
In the middle of beautiful mountains and vast landscapes of Tirol is a luxurious holiday resort that is made entirely mobile accessible thanks to 4Suites. There are a lot of places to practice all kinds of winter sports and in the summer the melted snow will create beautiful and mesmerizing lakes between the mountains. An ideal place to rest and unwind!

4Suites & Holiday resorts
4Suites will ensure that not only hotels and B&B’s but also resorts will be provided with the newest mobile access technology. 4Suites is the perfect system to make sure the guest has the best possible guest experience. Everything can be customized at the guests’ wishes, without having to email or call anyone. Besides, the system ensures that resorts have a modern appearance, without losing its charm.

Available from any location
The system is perfect for owners who don’t live close to their resort, as in this case at the holiday resort in Tirol. There is no need for a key exchange anymore, no contracts to be signed. The guest can enter and leave the resort on their own, because the owner can grant access to his guests anywhere at any given time. Smart phones are the ‘key’ to the resort. The management of resorts is a lot easier and clearer; the administrator is fully in remote control.

4Suites app
The guest will be able to customize his or her own preferences regarding the resort with the 4Suites app. With the build-in chatsystem questions can be easily asked and answered. This way the owner will always be in direct contact with the guests.

4Suites contributes to making all the holiday resorts future proof and is the solution when it comes to perfecting the guest experience.