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4Suites opens doors

Reshaping the guest journey


Holiday Resort

At the always sunny island of Ibiza, home to many beaches, breathtaking sunsets and a striking nightlife, 4Suites has recently made his entry at a holiday resort with a spectacular view over the Balearic Sea.This luxurious holiday resort is rented out the entire year because the owners are almost never around.  This made the exchange of keys very ineffective and at some times rather confusing. Even booking the apartment was chaotic because of the lack of proper communication possibilities. It was hard to get service or ask for help. 4Suites fixes all of this and is able to make the holiday resort smart and mobile accessible in no-time. 

Adjustable to every occasion
Every case is unique, just like this one. Luckily, 4Suites is adjustable; instead of a front door, access will be granted via an elevator. The 4Suites system will be implemented within hours in the elevator while the keys and contact switch will remain operable. A beautiful challenge causing the resort to be mobile accessible within only a couple of hours.

Location and Interior
The holiday resort is found in Roca Llisa. Roca Llisa is known as the most luxurious and quiet place on the island. The resort is on the seaside of Roca Llisa, a hilly terrain with a beautiful view over the sea. Inside, the interior is neat and classy, with a modern touch. Outside, you will find a beautiful view, a nice terrace and an infinity pool. The resort is available for 10 guests.

4Suites & Holiday Resorts
4Suites can mean a lot for holiday resorts. We know that in reality, a lot of holiday resort owners have to deal with outdated and unnecessary processes like arranging a key exchange, communicating with guests through mail or sending information about location and environment.

With 4Suites, a guest will receive digital access to the building after making the reservation. This will eliminate issues like key exchanges or communication problems. The owner will be able to track the guests activity about for example check-in and check-out via the online 4Suites dashboard.

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