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4Suites opens doors

Reshaping the guest journey


Delftse Poort

Deltse Poort is one of the best known icons of The Netherlands, especially in Rotterdam. This Dutch skyscraper is found across Rotterdam Central Station, right in the middle of the business centre. The Dynamic Metropolis of Rotterdam owns one of the biggest ports in the world so in the Central District of Rotterdam entrepeneurs have permanent connections with the world economy. Delftse Poort fits here perfectly and the first class accessibility is one of many pros.

The office of the future
On the 14th floor of the Delftse Poort they realised a special concept called: the office of the future. On this floor you can find a real showcase of how the office of the future will look like. Interested people can come and admire this showcase of a futuristic office decor fully tailored to the user and the entrance and meeting rooms are of course made mobile accessible by 4Suites.

4Suites and a ‘next generation office experience’
Access tot the office of the future is not granted with a key or keycard but with the smart phone of the user. When access is granted for 1 meeting room on the floor they can  easily open it themselves using the 4Suites app! Play it smart and enjoy the view!

4Suites is one of the innovators of the ‘Office of the future’ concept.

Keyless entry
Offices, meeting rooms and flex-workspaces; access can be granted individually or by reservation. Users can invite others, whereby they can immediately get access to the same rooms using a magic link or the 4Suites app.

The system can be installed within 20 minutes per door. The electronic plate lock will sink perfectly into the steel frame. The intelligent sBox and smarthub from 4Suites are invisibly placed onto the ceiling of the system. This causes the door to look like a ‘normal’ door.

The electronic plate lock sunk perfectly into the metalic frame and can be opened with the 4Suites app based on a booked reservation.

For more information about Delftse Poort, click here.