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Boutique Hotel Rembrandt

Boutique Hotel Rembrandt is found in the beautiful historic centre of Leiden. The hotel consists of 22 comfortable rooms with all the necessary facilities for a perfect vacation or weekend away. Named after one of the best known painters in the world (Rembrandt van Rijn), the hotel is the perfect place to rest. In addition, there are also two externally located luxurious Rembrandt Suites, at a 5 minutes walk from the hotel.

Perfect Holiday Residence
From the outside the hotel fits perfectly in the old historic street view. From the inside the hotel is provided with the best modern techniques and offers the hotel the guests the perfect holiday residence. In addition to that, the rooms are provided with 4Suites so guests do not need any keys or cards to get into their room(s). All they have to do is use the 4Suites app on their smart phone. This shows that the Boutique Hotel Rembrandt is keeping up with the times.

Boutique Hotel Rembrandt & 4Suites
4Suites is the perfect system for hotels like Boutique Hotel Rembrandt, where guests come and go at their own specified times without using a receptionist. The 4Suites app ensures that check-in and check-out goes smoothly without the need of a receptionist or an intermediary.

4Suites is proud of the partnership with Boutique Hotel Rembrandt!

For more information about the hotel, click here.