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4Suites opens doors

Reshaping the guest journey


Best4u Offices

Leader in the market
Best4u Group is a leading company when it comes to solving complicated online issues. With 80 specialized professionals on the job, Best4u Group is a big player in the online market. Best4u Group is an organisation that is constantly ahead when it comes to passion, ambition and talent. These 3 main ingredients are everything that Best4u Group stands for, both internally and externally to their customers.

The Best4u headquarters is located in Zutphen and their second building is located in Antwerpen. That is how they stay close to their customers and make sure that there is always help and service nearby. Besides that, there is a group of employees active from Moldavia working on various projects.

Best4u Group & 4Suites
The cooperation between Best4u Group and 4Suites is not a coincidence. The buildings in Zutphen and Antwerpen are completely equipped with the 4Suites system. All employees have access to the application and can get access to the buildings using their smartphones.  There is no need for keys anymore, making the loss of keys impossible. Everyone can get access to the buildings at the specified times.