Partners and Distributors

4Suites has a global network of partners and distributors. The partners offer products with 4Suites technology embedded, are resellers or are distributors of our solutions.

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Hotek Hospitality Group

Hotek Hospitality Group is a full-service supplier of innovative security solutions and comfort products. Over 5.000 customers in more than 65 countries are being served. 4Suites is supplier for all Hotek hotel locks of the ‘Smart Cloud Online’ solution in combination with 4Suites hardware. The 4Suites hardware is branded for Hotek under the name Cloud Low Energy (CLE ©). 4Suites is also supplier of white label apps voor iOS and Android. Read the press release here.

Hotek Hospitality Group B.V.
Munnikenheiweg 27
4879 NE Etten-Leur
The Netherlands


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