“4Suites goes beyond being just a tech company, they are just really smart people and nice to work with”

We believe that with a small team of driven people with a vision the world can be changed.

People that are carved from the same wood and always go that extra mile. People that aren’t afraid to research, question, experiment, take risks and believe in something. Such people are the core of 4Suites.

Why the cloud?

The technological innovations are moving so fast that there’s only one way to prepare yourself: flexibility. Nobody knows if in a few years’ time Bluetooth or NFC will still be used for mobile access, but the smartphone/handheld gadgets have secured themselves of a strong position for the next decennia to come.

Since then things have gone at high speed and we can say that our technology is more intelligent, more sustainable and, above all, more future proof than any other solution in the market.

In 2017 we launched our first generation of EmChi in London. At the moment we are in full production and thousands of units are being produced every month. We are constantly further developing our hard- and software to provide the market with the most innovational mobile access solutions. We are proud to be able to change the world with these innovations.