4Suites is the most innovative all-in-one solution worldwide for guest experience optimization.

We believe in a world where technology plays a major role in the guest experience. A world where both guests and users continuously profit from innovative technology, tailored to their specific needs. At 4Suites, we are creating this world.

How it all started…

4Suites has been born out of a practical problem in the real estate business in 2012. With rental prices dropping and tenants getting out of business, it was necessary to start looking for alternatives and innovative ideas to keep the rental business going. The solution was found in mobile technology, and this is where it all began.

The concept attracted new partners with the necessary facilities and together they immediately started to develop guest experience optimization solutions. Enthusiasm for the innovative idea of using mobile technology for automation and guest experience optimization and quickly spread from real estate to the hospitality industry.

Now, we redefine the standard of digitalization in the hospitality and real estate industries.

We are doing this by…
  • Acknowledging the importance of innovation, and knowing that this is a continuous process. We make sure that the hospitality and real estate industries are future-proof by continuously innovating and by pro-actively implementing new functionalities.
  • Knowing that each hospitality property and each guest is different. We offer tailor-made technology so that each hotel can unlock their full potential and each guest can enjoy his stay to the fullest.
  • Making sure that the guest experience is at the center of our service.

Read more about the 4Suites journey, about our mindset and about how we aid the hospitality & real estate industries with guest experience optimization:


4Suites is ready to greatly improve the guest experience for every hotel or real estate property!