Case Study: Pandox Hotels

About Pandox

Pandox is a leading owner of hotel properties in Northern Europe with a focus on sizeable hotels in key leisure and corporate destinations.

Pandox’s hotel property portfolio comprises 156 hotels with approximately 35,000 hotel rooms in 15 countries.

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Ever since founded in 1995, Pandox has followed the same strategy and business model. The company invests exclusively in hotel properties. .

Pandox’s vision is to be a world leading hotel property company.

Vasillis Syropoulos, VP Demand Management

Check-in and mobile access should be almost a one-two clicks process.


The ongoing challenge of Pandox hotels is to optimise their operations and guest experience. Their ultimate goal: reduce costs by automating more processes. But how? Read all about it in this case study.

Pandox often takes over hotels to refurbish and rebrand them. In those cases Pandox also looks at the tech stack of the hotel and how that can be optimised. They believe in the power of full cloud integrated systems which seamlessly connect. In this way they’ll be able to get real-time management control and data insights throughout the guest journey.

Automating operations and reducing manual labour are challenges and goals every modern hotelier should have. This is also the case for Pandox: they always strive to automate their processes. If you can do without or with less staff at the reception, you’ll be able to reduce a lot of costs which can be invested in smarter technological systems for example. It speaks for itself that this only works if the guest actually uses the mobile key. We call this the guest adoption rate.

Guest safety is another challenge Pandox is taking very seriously. More than ever, cleaning and hygiene are the forefront of minds, as is social distancing and other safety measures. In short, Pandox wants the guest to trust them and the processes they’ve put in place.

The Hotel Brussels
Pandox reception

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After reviewing all the options on the market the desired solution for Pandox was the intelligent access platform by 4SUITES. This means using the full cloud connected hardware & software to offer their guests mobile keys via webapp. The webapp ensures a high adoption rate because no extra app install is needed, which was a must have for Pandox.

The open API and out of of the box integrations with multiple Property Management Systems and Guest apps was another reason for Pandox to choose 4SUITES. In this way Pandox is flexible to choose their ideal tech stack for the various hotels they run or will open in the future. No matter which systems are in place, they can all easily be integrated with the 4SUITES platform.

By choosing 4SUITES, Pandox is able to benefit from:

Cloud based mobile keys (no app install needed)

Cloud connected locks, lock upgrades and readers

Cloud based keycards (no data on card)

Realtime access management and insights

Vassilis Syropoulos

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