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All we care about is reimagining guest experiences and streamlining hotel operations through intelligent access technology.

Our vision

All digital guest journeys at hotels break down at the last piece of the puzzle. 4Suites is here to solve this.

Today more than ever hotels understand that technology provides solutions that help make better decisions for growth, improved operations and more importantly to provide seamless guest experiences to their guests.

At 4Suites we are on a mission to change access control at hotels. All we care about is realizing the best possible guest experience and streamlined hotel operation as possible. This means extraordinary access products that blow people’s minds.

Hotels should rely on a unique, fully automated and seamless (mobile) key solution from 4Suites that completely harmonizes with their hotel ecosystem.

Seamless guest experiences

The ideal tech experience happens when hotel guests don’t have to think about whatever it is they want.

When 4Suites says ‘seamless’, we are talking about harmony and flawlessness. An uninterrupted guest experience provided by interconnecting systems and purposely selected technology.

For modern guests the digital/tech experience is a huge part of the overall experience. Ironically though, the more hotels are able to keep this experience in the background the better. The ideal experience is able to execute it in a way that guest’s don’t have to think about getting whatever it is they want.

Streamlining hotel operations

Besides the pursuit of ultimate guest experiences, streamlining hotel operations is, as always, a top priority for hotels.

Smooth operations reduce costs, enhance staff happiness and result in an overall better guest experience. Make sure that all a hotel needs to do is push a button and everything is fully automated with the other hotels systems.

Our company

4Suites was born with the aim to revolutionise the hotel access industry and completely redefine the standard.

At 4Suites, our philosophy has always been to shorten the distance as much as possible between ourselves and the hotels and guests who use our solutions. Hotels are not our clients but our partners. Hotels will notice this instantly, so it’s super important to us that we nail down on company culture.

We have never faltered on striving for exceptional quality. We put every lock through extensive quality testing and testing panels. We have an engineering office in The Netherlands and almost all of our products are produced in The Netherlands or Germany.

We share an audacious dream of becoming the largest intelligent access platform in the world for hospitality.

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