The Benefits of Integrating Cloud-Based PMS and Keyless Access in Hotels

Cloud-based property management systems (PMS) allow hotels to manage guest information and operations through an online platform that is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. With the integration of mobile keys, guests can use their smartphones to unlock their room doors and access other hotel services.

Cloud-based property management systems (PMS) and cloud-based mobile access are a perfect match because they both rely on cloud technology to deliver real-time information and improve the guest experience.

Here are a few reasons why they work well together:

Remote management: Cloud-based PMS allows hotels to manage their property from anywhere, as all data is stored in the cloud. With keyless access, hotels can also remotely manage guest room access, allowing them to grant or revoke access at any time.

Many hotel managers are drawn to cloud-based property management systems for the uniquely browser-based benefit of anywhere, anytime access which can be achieved because users only need to be connected to the Internet to access the system. Hotel management can determine (and limit) who has remote access, and from where. This is an attractive trait to property managers and owners who desire convenient off-site access to the system, seasonal properties that take reservations while they are closed, and businesses with satellite offices. It’s also a handy feature when dealing with computer crashes; hotel staff can just log into the system with another online computer or with their smartphone.

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Real-time updates: A cloud-based PMS allows real-time updates of guest data, such as check-in and check-out times, and keyless entry systems can also update guest access rights in real time to ensure that guests only have access when they need it.

Updating information in real time can be very useful for hotel guests when they request a room change or upgrade. For example, if a guest requests a room change due to a broken AC, hotel staff can access the guest’s reservation information in real time and immediately update their mobile key to the reassigned room. This means that the guest receives a prompt response to their request, improving the overall guest experience.

Potential for increased revenues: The combination of a cloud-based PMS and cloud-based mobile key has the potential to increase hotel revenues by offering guests the convenience of on-demand services and upsell opportunities. For example, guests can request late check-out or access to the spa directly from their room, and the hotel staff can update their key automatically and charge for the additional services. This not only provides a seamless and convenient experience for guests but also improves the efficiency of hotel operations.

Flexibility: Keyless access allows hotels to offer more flexible check-in and check-out times and cloud-based PMS also allows hotels to increase flexibility by allowing guests to book, check-in and check-out online, and also allowing staff to access data and make changes from anywhere.

Integration: Cloud-based PMS and keyless access systems can be integrated seamlessly, allowing for a smooth and efficient guest experience. For example, guests can use their mobile device as a digital key and also access information such as their bill or room service requests through a hotel mobile app.

The integration can also enable kiosk check-in for hotel guests. The PMS provides information about guest reservations and room assignments, while the mobile key integration allows guests to access their rooms using their smartphones or other mobile devices. The kiosk check-in process can be streamlined by combining these technologies, allowing guests to check in quickly and easily, and reducing the need for face-to-face interaction with hotel staff.

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Cost-effective: Cloud-based systems are usually more cost-effective than traditional on-premise systems because they do not require expensive hardware or IT staff to maintain them. They can be easily scaled up or down as needed, so hotels only pay for the services they actually use. By providing a more efficient check-in experience for their guests, hotels can improve guest satisfaction, which can lead to increased revenue through repeat visits and positive word of mouth. This can help hotels save money and focus on other business areas.

Overall, cloud-based PMS and keyless access are a perfect fit as both use cloud technology to provide real-time information and improve the guest experience, allowing hotels to increase efficiency, flexibility and cost savings.

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