Spring Release 2021: great new features and insights

We’re happy to share that we released the newest version of the 4SUITES Cloud Management Platform!
The management platform offers great new features and insights for our all of our customers.

Deep and real-time insights
In the dashboard our users are now able to see exactly which door was opened, by whom and at what time and day. The device (mobile key via webapp, native app or keycard) which was used is also shown. These data insights gives the hotel new ways to further streamline operations.

For example: a notification alert can be send to security or the general manager if a door is opened at a time that is should be closed.
Or: in the dashboard you can see if the deadbolt is locked. This could be very useful if a guest doesn’t respond and you want to know if he locked himself in.

All these insights wouldn’t be possible without having cloud connected door locks in your hotel.

What is your guest adoption rate?
In the dashboard it is now even easier to see what the guest adoption rate is. Meaning: how many guests actually use the webapp to open their door(s). This is how MK Hotels already saw a 65% adoption rate just a few weeks after it was launched at their hotel in Passau, Germany. Read all about in this Case Study of MK Hotels >.

See more in our release video: