‘Opening Doors’ S01.E03 – interview with Pavlina Zychova

Our third guest on ‘Opening Doors’: Pavlina Zychova, Co-Founder & CEO of MyStay
MyStay is a communication, upselling and check-in/check-out platform that connects accommodation facilities with their guests before, during and after their stay ensuring the smoothest guest journey imaginable.

In this third epidose (S01.E03) Serge de Klerk (CMO at 4SUITES) talks to Pavlina, who co-founded MyStay and is also their CEO. MyStay is one of the partners of 4SUITES with whom we have established a seamless integration.

Check the video below and listen to interesting quotes like:

“Technology should save your time, and it’s about you how you will use that time. I believe the main task for hotels should be how to bring back hospitality because during this age of tech, there is a part that we’ve lost and that is hospitality.”


‘Opening Doors’, a video series by 4SUITES.
‘Opening Doors’ is a series of video interviews in which we talk about Intelligent Access, Mobile Keys, Software and Hardware and everything in between.

What does Intelligent Access mean, how does it work, what are the benefits for hotels and how can it actually open the door to a smarter hotel? And how to make use of technology to streamline operations, cut costs and optimise the guest experience in hotels?

In coming episodes we’ll talk to hoteliers, partners and industry experts. So stay tuned!


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