4Suites and Hotek partner for Mobile Access

4Suites and Hotek Hospitality Group have signed an OEM Agreement to include the 4Suites Mobile Access solution in Hotek Locks. This will help bring both 4Suites and Hotek in a position to increase their market share and to sell their products to new customers worldwide.

“We are very excited to work with HOTEK,said Lennart de Haan, CEO of 4SUITES.”

Hotek is also the first lock manufacturer to offer upgrades to cloud based mobile access. By using 4SUITES’ hardware and software over 1 Million Hotel Locks currently installed can be upgraded.

“Teaming up with HOTEK to provide a range of newly designed and assembled mobile accessible locks is an exciting development for our company and will enable us to enter the hospitality markets at an increased pace.”

Founded in 2016, 4SUITES is a tech company that specializes in cloud based mobile access technology. The company designs and produces intelligent embedded hardware that is connected to the cloud platform. Their mission is to make mobile access available to the world at low cost and at the highest level of security and reliability.


Hotek Hospitality Group develops and delivers innovative security solutions for the hospitality industry. Over 5.000 customers in 65 countries are being served, including hotels, holiday resorts, cruise ships, nursing centers and student housing.

“This partnership reflects our desire to collaborate with innovative companies that share our vision of bringing innovation and mobile experience to costumers that is easier and more secure. Together we can offer something that no other company can do at this moment.” said Dolf Mulder, CEO of HOTEK.

For more information please contact:

  • Lennart de Haan – CEO 4Suites;
  • Dolf Mulder – CEO Hotek Hospitality Group

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