Press Release: 4Suites engaged Angel Investors to fuel further growth.

Press Release: 4Suites engaged Angel Investors to fuel further growth.

Deventer, August 4, 2017

4Suites BV is a Netherlands based tech startup that combines a mobile app, lock hardware chips and SaaS as integrated solution for mobile access and guest experience optimization. 4Suites aims at the Hospitality & Real Estate markets. The company has raised $ 440.000 seed capital from angel investors to fuel the launch of its new embedded solution and expansion to markets in Europe.

Lennart de Haan, 4Suites’ co-founder and CEO: “We saw an opportunity to use the original developed solution (for real estate) to expand into a full hospitality solution. That really worked out. We have some of the most creative minds in our team who have developed a digital guest journey that is just unbelievable.”


4Suites offers an easy and accessible way for hotels, holiday parks and real estate locations to become digital and mobile accessible at almost no investment costs. With their own developed innovative hardware solution, locks can be made smart without having to replace them in a few minutes. This greatly reduces costs; no smart locks are needed, just a tiny piece of 4Suites hardware. Current systems remain completely operational.Many advantages
The 4Suites app can be used by guests to manage their stay using many functionalities. By using 4Suites, locations can:

  • Save money by reducing labor costs through automating processes;
  • Generate revenue by upselling through the app, more direct bookings and more loyalty;
  • Improve guest experience using big data to enable more personalization.

Highly scalable

Hotels will be urged to conceptualize their brands as platforms for reducing costs, increasing profit with new opportunities and improve the guest experience (Copyright: PwC). With the The 4Suites app, hotels can achieve this goal. 4Suites consists of a modular design and has a solid back-end which is highly scalable, maintainable and compatible with multiple types of databases. Back-end and front-end (UI) are decoupled through web services so that the UI’s are system and platform independent.

Massive growth

The first sales territories are Benelux, Germany, UK and Spain. It is the objective of 4Suites to reach a portfolio of channel partners with multi-year agreements in all regions.

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